Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

February 22, 2021

Bundle up! This year Toronto is getting a taste for a true Canadian winter. With -20 temperatures and daily snowstorms, grabbing your Canada Goose parka seems like  a no-brainer. Yet all this snow can leave your coat looking worse for wear and it’s likely it will need a thorough clean or trip to the dry cleaner. It’s no secret cleaning a luxury parka, like a Canada Goose, Mackage, or Nobis coat can cost you upwards of $50. Why is cleaning a Canada Goose so expensive? We’ve broken it down for you below…  

Consider the Initial Investment 

Did you know Canada Goose products never go on sale? Whether you buy your coat online or in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall, Eaton Centre, or their experiential flagship store at Sherway Gardens, your coat is likely to cost $1200 or more. Considering such a large up front investment, it makes sense to take the proper precautions when cleaning and caring for your coat. Think of your Canada Goose as if it were a luxury sports car. Rather than taking it to your neighbourhood PetroCan, you’re likely to search out a boutique car wash that specializes in working with luxury brands. 

Dry Cleaning is An Art…

Like any trade, dry cleaning is a skill refined only by repetition and practice. When you take your Canada Goose to a high quality dry cleaner, they are not just throwing it in a machine and calling it a day. At Gibson’s, we detail every Canada Goose parka using a meticulous inspection and cleaning process. After the coat is inspected and photographed, it is sent to our dry cleaning department to be treated for stains. Once it’s treated,  Canada Goose coats are cleaned using state of the art and eco friendly equipment, re-inspected, and then hung and packaged. In order to meet this superior and consistent level of cleaning, a dry cleaner must invest in their team, cleaning products, and equipment. 

The Materials Make a Difference 

Canada Goose coats are made from the highest quality materials. In fact, Canada Goose uses eleven proprietary fabrics, each designed to ensure performance and protection. Caring for these fabrics, including high quality down and fur requires special cleaning solutions and professional equipment. Therefore, it is important to seek out recommended Canada Goose cleaners or experienced professional in Toronto who are familiar with the Canada Goose product. 


At Gibson’s, cleaning for a Canada Goose coat starts at $60.00 (plus tax). As a recommended Canada Goose dry cleaner for the Greater Toronto Area, we are confident our team of cleaning professionals will return your coat clean, refreshed, and revitalized. Learn more about our Canada Goose cleaning program here

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